Thursday, July 27, 2006

PT times 3

I had my third visit with physical therapy yesterday. I have been feeling really good about my progress. After my first PT visit, I ended up having to ice my ankle later that evening because it was so sore. The second visit was much better - with no lingering discomfort. But following yesterday's visit - YOW!

The only "new" thing we did was some stretching of my ankle from side to side. Otherwise, it was a typical visit. However, I could tell within an hour after that I was going to be uncomfortable. I figured it would swell up and I could just ice it, but that's not the case. What I'm having is real pain along the metal rod side (the outer side). If I sit still, it's fine. But if it rubs against anything - my camo boot, the sheets, my clothes - it hurts like crazy. Like a deep bruise almost, though there is no discoloration.

The ankle itself looks really good, and my scars seem to be healing nicely. I don't have a lot of swelling and there is essentially no pain when I weight bear. Just this shooting pain along the edge of the metal rod.

I won't have PT for the next 2 weeks because we'll be traveling. I was given a rubber band and told to do the exercises at home, like I have been. I see the doctor again on August 15th, and I'm hoping he'll clear me for full weight bearing out of the boot and without crutches then. Maybe even approval to drive! THAT will feel like tremendous progress.

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