Monday, July 24, 2006

Wine Tasting Weekend

Hubby and I slipped away with another couple to eastern Washington for a wine tasting weekend. We left bright and early Saturday morning and returned last night. It was a great opportunity to spend some time away with good friends, and to test my stamina on crutches and a walking boot.

The drive over was uneventful. I went through 2 skeins of yarn on a crocheted blanket I'm working on for my daughter. It was predicted to be in the low 100's in eastern Washington, and it was! I think the thermometer topped out around 107 on Saturday. YUCK! The worst part was having my foot in the camo boot - which acted as it's own heat conductor. When I finally took the boot off at 8 pm Saturday night, it was soaked in sweat. I did ice my foot for a while before we left for dinner, since it swelled up some in the boot.

It was a little annoying having to crutch my way in and out of 10 different wineries - but it wasn't completely miserable. Nearly everyone wanted to know what happened - and one winery, Maison de Padgett, even gave me a free bottle of wine. I'll call it "sympathy wine." :0) (This winery makes a GREAT coffee-flavored port, by the way!)

After about 4 hours on my feet on Sunday, however, my ankle started to ache. I knew it was sweaty again and I actually felt my foot slipping around inside the boot - which I think just aggravated the ankle bones. After the long drive home, hubby and I had to take a ferry ride over to Whidbey Island to pick up our daughter, and by the time I got home the boot was starting to feel tight - a real sign that there was some swelling going on.

All-in-all, I held up pretty darned well. I'm exhausted today - but that could be the heat wave we are suffering with here in the Pacific Northwest as much as anything. I've got my third PT appointment on Wednesday. I've been pretty good about performing my stretching exercises and I have been doing partial weight bearing as tolerated. I'm feeling pretty good about my progress.

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